1. Caterpillar

From the recording Flying Radio EP

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Rudeyna - Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration, Recording, Production, Lyrics, Piano/Keys/Synths, Vocals
Bill Readey - Recording, Production, Engineering, Guitar, Bass
Mike Nappi - Drums


Did your words fall heady?
Pick them up, Be Ready!
Be here Right now to Meet Me Just As You Are

Do You need a fix-it-up or
Do you got to blab shrink up or
Do you just Relax to Meet Me Just As You Are

What If My Truth
Leads Me To You
Would You Stay?

But if You Go
I'm Still Alone
Still Awake

Do You Sing a Tune?
Is It An Angry REd or Faded Blue and
Will You Be So True To Meet Me Just As You Are

Will You Break the Mold of Plaster
Can You Be Your Own GrandMaster
Turned around and Flashed her Meet Me Just As You Are

Do You Gotta Fight
Do You Gotta FLy
Now Watcha Gonna do now if you Fill the Sky?
The Caterpillar Thought she was about to Die
Before she opened up Became a Butterfly
Do You Gotta Jump But is it too Far?
Are You Ready to Become a Fucking Star?
Do You gotta Dive but is It too Deep?
Are You Gonna Wake Up or just stay asleep?


But if You Go
I'm Still Alone
Still Awake

Climbing Up a Hill, a Caterpillar Pace is still a STEP UP
Do You have the will to Meet me Just as You Are

Keep Going Up, Keep growing, Keep Going, Over I