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From Beirut to New Haven, CT, the Rudeyna band is influenced by wonderful people and music.  Composer Rudy was encouraged by music since an early age.  After the honor of performing for mentors such as Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter as a Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance finalist, she began to write music for her band.  The Rudeyna band music is produced and engineered by Bill Readey (Guitar), and we're coming up live and in the studio with Kenny Owens (Drums), Fred DiLeone (Keys), and more brilliant firends...

Musical sounds maybe like Frank Zappa meets Freddy Mercury meets Bjork. Or Chic Corea & T. Monk at a pool party,  Maybe a Nina Simone and David Bowie Duet, or TM Thiagarajan composing for Charlie Chaplin.  

.SO cheers to whatever makes life thankful, honest, funny and creative.  Thanks for exploring..