About us

Adventurous music - both subtle and outrageous - delivers eclectic compositions; some found on Rudeyna's EP, “Flying Radio”, some meditative collaborations, and more upcoming 2019 releases. Performances offer kaleidoscope harmonies, rhythmic non-conventions, heart and courageous imagination, all with “buttery-voiced talent [that] knows no bounds”. The music delivers a clear message of gratitude, and dedication to “mastermind the bigger-ness in living.”  

From Lebanon to New Haven, CT, the music of Rudeyna is inspired by international and local influences.  Born in Beirut’s civil war - wrapped in blankets and headphones so to hear music instead of bombs - composer Rudy was protected and encouraged by sounds of music since an early age.  Since moving to the US after adolescence, she continued to learn music,and had the honor to perform for mentors including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter… etc., as a Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance finalist. The Rudeyna Band is produced and engineered by Bill Readey (Guitar), Kenny Owens (Drums), Fred DiLeone (Keys),  and Lydia Iarocci (Bass), with special guests on the albums.

Musical resonance sounds like Frank Zappa, Freddy Mercury, Bjork, Thelonious Monk, Nina Simone starring in Ziggy Stardust, or TM Thiagarajan composing for Charlie Chaplin.  


.SO cheers to whatever makes life thankful, honest, funny and creative.  Check out our shows, click green sign up buttons, be part of our team. Interact lovingly. Thanks ~