• Posted on December 28, 2016 3:22 am


    Welcome to our band site. BLOG #1 This is a mission-driven music project.  Our mission is to generate creativity, independent thinking, health, empowered community and honest music. How? We're still figuring that out. And we'd love your help. Maybe we could brainstorm blast together.  Did you hear you can strengthen the "ideas muscle" in the brain?  True or not, here's an idea exercise. Pick a topic, write down at least 10 ideas, (free of "bad" or "good" it all feeds each other). Ok sample topic: Ten Questions I like: If you had a billion dollars and could do anything, what would you do? What are some super smart ways to help ourselves get stronger and more independent? (so we can help others even more)? What do people/you really care about? What do you want to learn about? What are some ways to better support each other as a community? What are some of the most important issues we face as CT/New England/US/Global residents? What individual, neighborly, local CT, or global groups are effectively & successfully creating better living for each other? What does that look like? How would YOU love to see improvement in your self and your community? How/can we use social media online and offline to generate significant benefit to our community? How do I create a sustainable living and community doing what I love most? Or do I just love whatever it is the universe needs me to do?   Maybe we all essentially care about the same things. Maybe not. Want to find out. So what are people's ideas, questions, concerns, answer, what's important to you  ? Pick a question & answer it. Or pick an answer & question it.  Whatever you want. Do we want to see more people come together in bigger ways? What are those ways? What does it look like? Figuring out how to put up a forum. Til then, reach me via contacts.  What the dang do people care about? Cheers & Love, Rudy & the band